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Long face of the computer people should eat lots of cherries
Posted by:admin  Published:2013-10-26 16:36:37  Click:1677

Long-term use of computers, it is very easy to overuse, staring at the screen for a long time on the retina photosensitive materials will be reduced, resulting in eye sight is easy to reduce, eye pain, or even lead to night blindness, etc., take the average person for comparison, then computer workers need to add more fruits rich in vitamin A, through scientific experiments detected an average of 100 grams cherries contain vitamin a is about five times higher than Apple, so the proper use of cherries for ease eye fatigue helpful. Computer workers sitting in front of the computer due to the long lead to neck, shoulder, finger-金沙易记域名 joints and other parts-澳门金沙唯一网址 will appear soreness, while cherry is rich in anthocyanins and vitamin E, they all have very good antioxidant , the elimination of muscle soreness have a good effect, but also contains a lot of cherries hemoglobin, the computer-_澳门金沙娱乐 has a good resistance to radiation.

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