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How can you distinguish edible apple wax layer
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When we eat the apple skin often feel when the surface layer of wax apple exists worried that Apple will eat into the stomach will not cause harm to humans , the experts pointed out that the surface layer of wax apple There are three main reasons :
1, Apple itself already with a layer of wax fruit is apples naturally occurring plant protection layer , the purpose is to prevent the subtle life and pesticides into the flesh inside .
2 , some of Apple's high-end model with a layer of artificial surface is added to the wax , which is an edible fruit wax , mostly from crabs or crustaceans extracted from the body of animals and plants , the use of this fruit wax there is no harm to the human body , the purpose is

Played on Apple's role as insurance against Apple in the time of transport appeared deterioration , etc., if it does not , then you can be assured before eating , fruit wax with hot water this layer can be washed away .
3 , some of the black heart hawkers will use the fruits of industrial wax to wax polish , the wax contains a lot of mercury and lead , they will penetrate into the flesh , people after eating will cause some damage , so pick the fruit when we can with a paper towel on wipe the surface of the fruit ,

If you can wipe the red blot on the surface of such fruit containing industrial wax , absolutely can not buy .

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