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What is the best time to eat fruit to consume the nutritional value?
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Fruits contain a lot of vitamins, the human body has a great absorption effect, however, if you eat the same fruit at different times, then they give the body's absorption is not the same , for example, choose to eat fruit in the morning , then is the human body has the best results , and more able to play the nutritional value of fruit , which is due , when the body woke up after a nap gastrointestinal function is not yet fully activated at this time is a particular need to add nutrients , so eat easy to digest -3015.cc金沙fruit for a morning's work or study is sufficient nutrition . -澳门金沙4136.comAnd the words of the morning to eat apples , can help digestion and absorption , people one day can feel refreshed , for example apples, grapes or pears is quite suitable to eat in the morning . If you want to eat fruit before a meal , then you can choose some acidic fruits to eat not strong , such as bananas, apples or grapes , etc. If you're stomach is not a good person , then it is best not to eat fruit meal a . Also some fruits are not fasting to eat, such as hawthorn, banana or cherry tomatoes , etc. , if it is to eat in the fasting state , it would react with lead and acid stomach pain . To sum up there are so many original fruit stress ah.

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