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South Africa

Production: South Africa
Product description:
Grapefruit, namely, "grapefruit", also known as grapefruit, Origin West Indies. 1823 was introduced to Florida.

  • Product description:
    Grapefruit, namely, "grapefruit", also known as grapefruit, Origin-金沙易记域名 West Indies.-澳门金沙线上真人娱乐 1823 was introduced to Florida.
    Currently on the market there are three common varieties. Syria grapefruit flesh white horse (Marsh), also known as seedless grapefruit, are polyploid, there is also a variety of strains of red flesh; flesh white Duncan grapefruit (Duncan), fruit is large, thick rind, seeds more flesh slightly bitter; Thomson red flesh grapefruit (Thompson). In addition, the variety of yellow-3777.com澳门金沙 or pink flesh or nearly colorless and transparent. The main origin of South Africa, the United States, Israel and China Taiwan.
    Edible method :
    1, the direct consumption : Grapefruit in half cross-section intermediate open , digging with a spoon to eat .
    2 , freshly squeezed grapefruit juice: Ingredients: Fresh grapefruit two tools: Hand Juice Extractor appliances : glass a practice: two grapefruit water rinse . Every cut a grapefruit right into two . Will cut grapefruit into the juicer , left and right rotation , so juice squeezed out .
    Pour the juice squeezed out of a glass , cut a small slice inserted in the glass can be decorated by doing .
    2 , honey, grapefruit juice : Ingredients: 1 grapefruit , honey and 1 tablespoon cold water 400ml.
    Practice: Grapefruit cut in half , with the manual juicer to squeeze juice and pulp ; would grapefruit juice into the cup , transferred to honey , pour cold water stir .
    3 , honey citron tea : Material : grapefruit flesh 750 grams , 350 grams of crystal sugar , honey, 300ml, 1000ml water production: sugar water boil . Add grapefruit flesh fire to boil , turn simmer . Boiling process to use a spoon to stir to avoid sticking . Aozhi citron tea viscous off the heat and let cool , add honey and mix well .
    Sealed cans saved.
    4 , Please note that you love slim , shop especially recommended : Grapefruit Diet
    This menu should eat the 12th consecutive , then stop two days . If necessary, repeat the food on the 12th , then stop for two days, and so on. ( One stage less than two weeks time also ) at lunch and dinner , in addition to grapefruit , all the weight is also free to eat until full stomach so far.    
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