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Red Pitaya

Production: Vietnam
Higher vitamin content, pulp contains nutritious, function unique to human health has a great effect

    Pitaya Pitaya than ordinary white meat red meat, higher vitamin content, pulp contains nutritious, function unique to human health has a great effect. It contains general plant rare plant albumin and anthocyanin rich in vitamins and soluble dietary fiber.

    Special note: The red dragon fruit red meat is natural color after eating may make you temporarily turn red mouth and hands, which is a normal phenomenon, drink water and rinse under it eased. If you do not accidentally get clothes washed as soon as possible in a timely manner.

    Product description:

    Taste sweet, To save it, should be placed in a cool ventilated place, not in the refrigerator to avoid frostbite but quickly degenerate.


    Suitable placed 2 ℃ -7 ℃ chilled, preferably on a dark, cool place to storage, if we want to put the refrigerator, fruits and vegetables should be placed in high temperature bath, saved time should not exceed two days.

    Goods Taboo:

    Diabetes, female physique virtual cold by a small amount of food

    Commodity culture:

    Pitaya, whose real name is dragon fruit, red dragon fruit, native to Brazil, Mexico and other Central American tropical desert region, which is typical of tropical plants. Pitaya by the Nanyang introduced to Taiwan and then modified by the-金沙娱乐j introduction of Taiwan and the mainland in southern Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong and other places cultivation. Pitaya and religious culture has deep historical roots in the Americas Mayans, Incas near the pyramids and temples of Asia Vietnamese dragon fruit beside all kinds there. Every major religious worship and activities, they will be enshrined at the altar of dragon fruit, considered sacred fruit. Even more amazing is that, both in the Americas or Asia, dragon fruit and Chinese dragon culture have a bond. Ancient Incas carved resembles the dragon with the Chinese dragon totem worship together, this totem and dragon fruit in the Inca language meaning of the dragon. Until today the indigenous Mexican men also like to call themselves Chinese boy, which may be affected by the information about their ancestors came to America from China across the oceans of the legendary bar.-金沙官方直营

    Recommended recipes:

    Salmon salad with tomatoes Pitaya


    Norwegian salmon 80 g, 70 g tomatoes, dragon fruit 1 (about 480 grams), 50 grams of Xinjiang seedless grapes, green mustard sauce, pineapple salad dressing, lettuce amount of salt 1/4 tsp


    1, dragon fruit wash, the long direction of extension of dragon fruit from the upper 1/3 cut.

    2, the dragon fruit flesh with a spoon to dig diced, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce.

    3, first salmon skin removed, and then the salmon flesh pliers big thorn to pull out, and then cut into small, salt and mix well.

    4, the dug dragon fruit knife flatten the bottom, easy to secure when placed.

    5, the first wire placed in the bottom of the shell dragon fruit, dragon fruit and then turn into the small, small diced tomatoes, salmon Ding and seedless grapes.

    6, the final squeeze on the surface-官方金沙娱乐网站, respectively, pineapple salad dressing and wasabi sauce can be.

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